Water, Food & Energy for Humankind

2022-05-10 19:00:00 - Katy, Texas, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Food, Water and Energy are the three most important elements for sustainability of humankind, and Michael Chaplinsky and his Equinox team of innovators are focused on projects to promote all three.

Humankind is at a tipping point, and food, water and energy are the elements to change.

The world has lost a third of its arable land due to erosion or pollution in the past 40 years, with potentially disastrous consequences as global demand for food  soars, scientists have warned.

Earth has lost a third of arable land in past 40 years, scientists say | Soil | The Guardian

Water is essential to life, yet 771 million people in the world - 1 in 10 - lack access to it. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, the water crisis is the #5 global risk in terms of impact to society. 

The Global Water Crisis | Water.org

Energy is at the heart of the sustainable development agenda to 2030.

Energy is at the heart of the sustainable development agenda to 2030 – Analysis - IEA

The Equinox team, headed by Michael Chaplinsky the president of Turf Feeding Systems, is sharply focused on several projects that bring together their technologies to grow more food, produce water, and energy cheaper and cleaner than anything on the planet.

Michael Chaplinsky explains; “My background is water, soils and irrigation for over 35 years, and I have brought together a leading team of scientists, engineers and practitioners each focused on their field in food, water and energy.  Our team has combined innovative and existing technologies  Water, Soil Health and Food Production Are The Most Important Issues Facing the World (prweb.com)  to create a unique sustainable operating platform in the real world with people who need help, technology and guidance.”

Their first key project is on Santiago Island in the Capo Verdi Islands off Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. The Cape Verde islands are remote, have limited water, limited food production, and import everything, including fertilizer and chemicals to grow food. 

Michael continues; “Santiago Island is a typical isolated island nation with good soil, plentiful workers, great growing conditions, but scarce water, and expensive fertilizer and chemicals controlled by the importers and duties. They are in a trap and can’t get out on their own.

We are going there with total package platform.   We will implement our High Yield Growing Center to grow more food and produce low cost fertilizer from local sugar cane. We will build a Focus Line solar desalination facility to produce fresh water from the sea for the islanders and farms, and we will implement a solar energy program with farmers to produce and store renewable energy at their farm using new Infusion Energy technologies.

We will give them the tools, supervision and the guidance to emerge as the top organic food producers at the lowest cost.  We will help them be independent and sustainable.”

The Equinox team of partners include.

Turf Feeding Systems, Inc. is a Texas company that manufactures fertigation systems – fertilizer injectors. www.Turffeeding.com

Focal Line Solar, Inc. is a solar technology company with long termcc vision. www.flsnova.com

Humboldt Grow Solutions a sustainable agriculture company with over 30 years of experience. 


Equinox has several projects pending on funding including the Santiago Island and Yucatan projects. 


Michael Chaplinsky – The President/Owner Turf Feeding Systems, Inc. a Texas company that produces and markets fertigation systems for turf and agriculture worldwide for over 35 years.

Mr. Chaplinsky is an expert in irrigation, soils, fertilizers and organics for plants and soil.  He speaks at conferences worldwide on water, soil and food production and is well published.

His contract information:  mc@turffeeding.com  Office Phone  +1 832-321-3311  website www.turffeeding.com

John W Jones – CEO of Focal Line Solar -Hybrid Concentrated Solar Thermal system for desalination. 

Mr. Jones is a leader in solar desalination with very energy efficient water production, and carbon credits.

His contact Information:    johnw.jones@yahoo.com  Office Phone + 380 95 382 1492   website https://flsnova.com/

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