We are pleased to announce that Mitivate has been chosen as a recipient of the 2022 GFS Black Founders Fund!

2022-09-08 19:00:00 - Atlanta, Georgia, United States - (PR Distribution™)

The Google for Startups Black Founders Fund is a five million dollar fund that provides promising, Black-led startups non-equity cash awards to help fuel their businesses.

Our goal at Mitivate is to provide an environment where providers can thrive in a financially sustainable healthcare economy. Our team of innovators, administrators, and clinicians work with you in order to diminish the gaps in the health equity of each community. We are completely dedicated to transitioning value-based care for specialty services to better serve all demographics of our population. Our sole mission is to provide better healthcare for you. 

We are pleased to announce that today,  Mitivate was named one of the winners of the GFS Black Founders Fund. Across the country, fifty founders will receive $100K in cash to help grow their business. They’ll also receive hands-on support from Google employees across the company, $100K in Google Cloud credits, and access to mental health therapists at no cost. We were selected based on our readiness to receive funding and our goal to bring high-quality healthcare to all. 

“Equity and efficiency are necessities in the future of specialty care standards of delivery. We empower providers and patients to take control of healthcare decisions by providing high quality and high value treatment options,” said founder Aaron Petty “By removing barriers that stand in the way of accessibility and positive outcomes, we allow you to be in charge of your patients care” 

We are beyond thrilled about this exclusive opportunity. The Google Black Founders Fund recognizes the importance of supporting black businesses and pouring funding into them. Google believes that startups like Mitivate are solving the world’s important challenges with agility, innovative technology, and determination. 

With your help, we help you create outstanding outcomes and build trust with your patients by streamlining healthcare data management, optimizing healthcare payment models and transparent pricing without the risk in collecting co-pays and deductibles. As a result, providers can more easily understand their data and correct errors as needed. Thus, inefficiencies are removed, healthcare data analysis is improved, and high-quality healthcare is more achievable than ever.

This wouldn’t be possible without your support and trust in our specialty care network. We are thrilled for this chance to grow with you and honored that through this Google-led cash award we will have the opportunity to reach as many healthcare providers as possible and get closer to our vision of making specialty care more accessible.. 


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