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At the same time as shopping online has become accepted as a normal, everyday activity, legislation regarding the sale and consumption of cannabis in Canada has been transformed.  The concurrence of these two social changes has led, unsurprisingly, to a new phenomena - the online cannabis dispensary.

Whenever something new like this comes along there is always going to be a certain amount of trepidation.  For many the idea of buying their weed from an online dispensary is such an odd concept, it will take some getting used to.  Furthermore, anyone willing to take the plunge is likely to be halted by the number of different online dispensaries out there.  How do you discriminate between two competing businesses in a totally new marketplace? With little history, scant information and few reviews, it is hard to make a reliable evaluation.  

This is the issue this article seeks to solve: to provide thorough, clear review of two online dispensaries to enable potential cannabis consumers to make a more informed choice.  The two websites reviewed are Weedsmart and Serene Farms. Weedsmart.ca is one of the better known online dispensaries in Canada and attracts a large number of online shoppers.  Serene Farms is a newer site with a reputation for being a cheaper option than many of its rivals. This article evaluates these two sites in terms of their security, reliability, product range, shipping and, of course, price.

As well as setting out a clear comparison of two online dispensaries, the article should also highlight some of the issues faced by cannabis consumers when they attempt to shop online.   

Toronto, March 16, 2020

This article compares Weedsmart.ca and Serene Farms in order to critically evaluate these two online dispensaries and help customers find the best way to find the best quality cannabis products online at discount prices, as well as making the whole online shopping experience less stressful.   

Weedsmart is one of the foremost online dispensaries in Canada and this article examines whether its performance matches its reputation.  The reliability, product range, shipping and price offered by Weedsmart.ca are compared to another dispensary, Serene Farms. This should better inform consumers about how these two websites can meet their needs.

Based in BC, Weedsmart.ca has attempted to revolutionise the cannabis marketplace by supplying quality cannabis products to locations across Canada.  It provides information on different cannabis strains and many of the new cannabis concentrates now available, as well as the many newly developed edibles.  

Weedsmart.ca is user-friendly with a clear, intuitive design and navigating the website is easy.  The pick of their current deals are shown as soon as the visitor enters Weedsmart.ca and a selection of sample packs are highlighted for anyone wishing to try a range of products.   

The Weedsmart.ca website lists a huge array of flowers, concentrates and edibles, enough to compare favourably, in terms of range, against any of the multitude of online dispensaries it currently competes with  Many of the products are available on special offers, with many of the best-known strains for sale at special discount prices. To make shopping at Weedsmart.ca even more attractive there are a number of deals including a bonus for becoming a member, a ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme and their 420 promotion.  Shopping at the Weedsmart.ca earns you points, as does writing a product review on their website and points can be exchanged for any of their items.  

In general terms, customer feedback for Weedsmart.ca is good.  The site appears to have many returning customers who are happy with the products that have been shipped to them.  Shipping fees are waived on all orders of more than $149.  

Clearly, Weedsmart.ca is a solid online dispensary for the casual cannabis consumer curious about buying their weed online.  But how does it compare to Serene Farms? 

Although Serene Farms is maybe not as well-known as Weedsmart, for a number of reasons it may be a good alternative for many customers.  The website, much like Weedsmart.ca, is easy to navigate and also contains educational and informative content.  

However, what might really attract customers towards Serene Farms is its prices.  Standard prices at Serene Farms are very competitive, but what really sets this site apart are the special offers.  Discounts mean that Serene Farms customers can receive 10% and even as much as 50% reductions on the standard rates.  

These prices mean that Serene Farms is likely to be a very interesting alternative for many cannabis customers.  

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