What Assistance Can NCWC Inc. Philippine Branch Provide To You?

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  United States - 07/18/2019 (PRDistribution.com)

The auto-plan protects you by providing you a financial cover to pay for repair and damages to the parts of the vehicle. NCWC Inc policies are designed to protect you against payment in case of a vehicle-related repair. Originated from New Jersey and now offering NCWC Inc. Philippine branch, NCWC Inc. Cebu branch, and outlets in other regions, the service is available to everyone who wants to ensure that they do not get into a financial predicament if they have to deal with unexpected and costly repair expenses. 

As an owner of a new vehicle, you are content with the understanding that your vehicle warranty covers every type of repair. In reality, you'll be surprised to learn that many minor and major repairs are not part of the policy and when you are at the workshop without a warranty you will have to bear all the expenses. NCWC Inc. Cebu vehicle plans allow you to purchase a scheme where you will get extended insurance over your held policy, thus safeguarding your financial interests. 

Under the administrative controls of Palmer Administrative Services, NCWC Inc. is a complete coverage solution offering different coverage options that can meet the specific needs of the car owners. These plans include the engine-only plan for the repairs of engine related problems as well as the all-inclusive plan that is a bit pricey but cover all major and minor repair expenses. The services hold an A+ evaluation from the Better Business Bureau that is the testament to the level of services offered by the NCWC Inc. Unlike other merchants, you can rest assure you will not have to face any hassles when lodging a claim as NCWC Inc. settles all claims quickly. 

The whole extended warranty plan concept is to provide the vehicle owner protection against unexpected repair expenses as well as to save people the trouble of going through a lengthy claim process. The claim procedure is a simple process, and there is no cap on the number of claims you can make. In case of any repair, you will have to take your vehicle to a mechanic shop and ask them to contact the NCWC Inc. team directly. Most of the time, the service will pay the mechanic directly after handling all the paperwork, so you do not have to worry about paying any bills. In case you have to make the payment you will get reimbursement in a matter of a few days with a cheque sent to you in your name. 

There are many other benefits of holding the NCWC Inc. protection plan.  You have the option to transfer your policy if you decide to sell the existing vehicle and buy a new one. In some instances, you are allowed an amount of $75 a day when your vehicle breakdown away from home and you have to get the repairs done at the same site. Even in situations where you lock yourself out of the car and have no way to get the keys, you can call in the locksmith and bill NCWC Inc. for the service fees. In cases where the car repair includes towing the car to the workshop, the towing expenses are part of the auto protection plan. With these many perks, there is no surprise that NCWC Inc Cebu today is one of the most prominent names in the vehicle protection industry, boasting an impressive clientele. 

For further details, contact, and email you can reach out to the professional team of NCWC Inc at https://www.ncwcinc.com/ and ask for a no obligation free consultation.

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