What it takes to be a successful Realtor®

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Real Estate business is a multifaceted industry with global acclamation. The industry has been blooming as a lucrative business all over the globe. With a large volume of investments coming into the sector, It has become the prominent and legitimate channel for selling or purchasing of residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. Realtors play an inevitable role in the pinnacle of the success of their business.

Significance of Realtors® in the Real Estate Business

The rapid growth of the sector is closely associated with the contribution of realtors. Real estate agents and brokers made the marketing, sales, and purchase of buildings hassle-free and reliable. Through sheer negotiation skills, home listings, market value prices and sales data, inspection and repair of the buildings, and help for mortgages, the agents offered a holistic professional service to the customers. The revenue generated by the sector has influenced the economy of the country. Many realtors launched their own agency and carved a niche for themselves in the flourishing industry.

How do realtors® carve a niche for themselves in the real estate industry?

Two legendary realtors from Canada talk about their journey of becoming successful real estate agents in their locality. Sandra pikeof The Pike Group from Halifax, NS, and Ron Neal of The Neal Estate Team from Victoria, BC are ThreeBestRated® Award-winning Real Estate Agents.

Their exemplary career achievements and the path they have traveled to become a successful realtor and an entrepreneur in the industry are admirable.

What made Sandra choose this career, and how did she manage to be successful amid all the hurdles she faced?

Sandra giggles and says that out of all the crazy things she could do, She launched a career for herself in the real estate sector at the age of 40, that too in a less acquainted city. Like every other job, the real estate industry also has its unique challenges and risks. But, she actively understood the dynamics of her field, explored all the opportunities to secure a reputed name in the industry. Perseverance and consistency are the two qualities that earned her the recognition and laurels she has now.

By the year 2014, her entrepreneurship skills led the pike group to evolve into a well established real estate agency. With Sandra leading a team of enthusiastic realtors, they altered the course of marketing in Halifax. They were the first agents to create such a revolution in their location. Through her innovative marketing initiatives and her presence in social media as a blogger, she created an edge over other agents in Halifax. By becoming the first-ever agents in the world to use the Facebook Messenger on their website, The pike group has conquered the digital marketing domain as well. From the year 2018-2019, they have employed the use of Artificial Intelligence to maximize their social exposure.

Throughout her career, Sandra has been an alpha female and won innumerable accolades. Amidst all her achievements, She feels honored and immensely proud to be awarded as one of the Top rated realtors in Halifax by ThreeBestRated®. Although she says, for her, it really is all about the client and making them smile.

On the other part of the Canadian territory, It is Ron who rules the real estate sector in victoria. How did he achieve this glorious spot?

It was 1991 when Ron began his career as a realtor®. Very soon, he came to know that this job is not just about selling properties. It is a lot more than that. It is about helping families to make a home for themselves. He is a virtuous man who strongly believes in building a good rapport with his clients. In his own words, "Real estate was not just about the transaction; it was about building relationships." Ron concentrated more on the customer service experience to stay competitive in the rapidly thriving real estate sector. That has made him a trustworthy and reputable agent in his city.

Ron is someone who puts himself into the customer's shoes and understands their needs and expectations. He is known for his dedication to excellence, innovation, empathy, leadership, and generosity. The energy he radiates influences his team to provide excellent service to the customers. The Neal estate team is one of the first real estate brokerages to exhibit home listings with professional photography, virtual reality tours, and complimentary staging consultations. Ron has achieved the feat of being awarded as one of the ThreeBestrated® Real estate agents in Victoria, BC, through his unrelenting dedication in serving the customers. He feels immensely proud about having helped more than 4000 families to make their homes in Victoria.

Sandra pike and Ron neal's legacy in the real estate sector is an inspiration to behold. ThreeBestRated®, a well-reputed multinational ranking site which strives to find the best professionals like Sandra Pike and Ron Neal in several professional services to help people around the globe.





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