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Forging a New America.  How American Liberalism and Climate Change Landed Us in Siberia warns of the dangers of socialism encroaching upon the American political and economic system in the year 2033 and offers a solution to preserving American prosperity.

The last 25 years have witnessed a rapid increase in the size and scope of government spending in the name of “taking care of the people’s needs”. It is an easy philosophy to vote for rather than the simple phrase “freedom”. If we all desire “what’s best for the most”, socialism, or  benevolent government in charge of all aspects of a society, then socialism as opposed to capitalism sounds appealing. The problem is this form of government has never worked because its leaders become selfish and corrupt, and it lacks the innovation needed to limit its decay.

Notes Roger Colley, author of the above named novella, the system that has really proved most successful, most progressive, the last 100 years is the innovative, free market, capitalist one because of its constant improvement for its workers in terms of benefits. Pressures for such improvements have come from all segments of society.  Balance has been the key, and thus the reason why American citizens must vote in the upcoming November elections.  A sense of balance must be restored to the American political and economic system. Otherwise, we will witness 2033.

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