Work/Life balance can help save US companies $225 billion a year

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - United States, Colorado, Denver - (PR Distribution™)

One in four adults has a diagnosable mental health disorder that work/life balance can prevent. Mental Health America posted these statistics for Mental Health Awareness Week, May 13-17, 2019. Time lost to illness and absenteeism costs US companies $225 billion a year, according to an Inc. Magazine article, How Mental Health Can Save Businesses $225 Billion Each Year. This information backs up what LinkedIn Talent Trends found, that the skills companies need most are the soft skills – creativity, persuasion, collaboration adaptability and time Management. 360º Life Strategies finds these are the skills that individuals can enhance by creating strategies that harmonize work and life.

"Balance is a myth, but harmony between work and life is attainable,” states Donna Carlson, a work/life strategy coach with 360º Life Strategies. "And the very strategies that enhance our creativity, agility in communications and the decision-making skills that help us set better priorities come from creating a balance between work and life demands that starts inside our minds.”

Carlson leads a coaching program that helps participants develop the skills necessary for success in the workplace by taking a good look first at what’s not working and rewriting the mental messages that are controlling our behavior. Participants have found that the art of slowing down, breathing, meditating are a start to this process, but that we achieve real progress when we meet those practices with healthy self-care, like eating real food and getting daily exercise.

"To many people, exercise is a four-letter word. Anything that stirs up shame and dread needs to be reimagined or it won’t work for us.” She points out five strategies to get the most energy and mental clarity in her April 22 Thrive article Five Strategies will Unlock Your Mental Clarity and Creativity at Work, but for raising awareness of mental wellness, Carlson advocates to

  1. Talk about mental wellness at work in positive terms – agility, intelligence, clarity
  2. Provide a safe place for workers to admit they need help and the time to seek it
  3. Don’t pass up a chance to ask if someone is in need when you sense depression

“It’s up to every person at work, at home and in the community to talk about mental wellness to eliminate the stigma and get real strategies in the hands of the people who need them,” she says.


360º Life Strategies helps companies get more out of their people by helping people create strategies to get more out life. Donna Carlson, Work/Life Strategy Coach, is certified by the John Maxwell team, The Center for Creative Leadership and TTI Success Insights. She's also a master yoga instructor. Learn more at

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