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2021-01-10 17:00:00 - United States, Illinois, Chicago - (PR Distribution™)

WORLD PICKLEBALL FEDERATION (WPF) announced that it has entered into an agreement with Pickleball Global (PG) to sanction Pickleball Global’s World Pickleball Championships and recognize their Global Pickleball Ranking platform.

Chicago- 10th January 2021 – Today, Seymour Rifkind, President of the World Pickleball Federation (WPF) announced that after reviewing the Global Pickleball Ranking platform, WPF is happy to recognize the Ranking as it is made up of results from different platforms and encompasses results from different tiers of tournaments including both professional tours.  WPF had previously used its own algorithm to determine the ranking of professional players.  

Seymour Rifkind said “WPF does not mandate the use of any particular software, as it should be the choice of individuals.  However, with many different software providers, you have many different ranking systems.  Each of the professional tours also have standings tables covering their tours.  Pickleball Global consolidates the results from many tournaments including the two Pro Tours and presents the top 12 results within the last 52 weeks, for each player to generate a final ranking at Global, Continent, Country and Provincial/State level.  

“We commend Pickleball Global for always offering its software free of charge to developing countries, understanding that young federations do not have big revenue streams.  Pickleball Global’s recent decision to continue to offer its software free of charge to all users can only benefit the pickleball community.”

Pickleball was invented on Bainbridge Island, Washington State, USA in 1965 taking elements of table tennis, badminton and tennis.  There are estimated to be over 3.5 million players in the USA and the game has been expanding with play introduced in some 55 countries.

WPF was founded at the end of 2018 to help grow pickleball globally with the end goal of getting the game into the Olympics.  WPF now has 22 country federation members and is actively working on expanding its membership.

Pickleball Global is a multi-source company headquartered in Bonita Springs, Florida, providing pickleball players with league and tournament software and Global Pickleball Rankings.  All based on an online social platform, Pickleball Global software has successfully run many tournaments across the world including United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.  

Pickleball Global is also the official partner (tournament and ranking software provider) for Asia Federation of Pickleball (AFP) and Pickleball Association Australia (PAA).  Global Pickleball Ranking is the only worldwide ranking platform that follows the results of the players and converts them into the Ranking that can be presented at Global, Continental, Country, State or Provincial levels.

Jan David, Pickleball Global founder said “We are delighted that WPF is sanctioning the World Pickleball Championships.  The tournament is intended to provide an opportunity for players from all over the world to compete to win at their age/skill levels against their peers.  Whilst 2021 will see fewer competitors from outside North America due to covid-19 travel restrictions, we anticipate inviting players from around the world in future years”.  

WPF as the World Governing Body for pickleball wants to encourage players competing at the world level.  In 2022 the first World Pickleball Games will be held which will be the first true team competition in pickleball, where each competing country’s federation will select a team of up to 12 players and a coach to represent their country in the competition. Starting this process demonstrates that pickleball is getting ready for the Olympics”.

A team would consist of a minimum of 4 men and 4 women and a maximum of six men and six women.  In addition, each team could be accompanied by a team manager, team coach and physio.  The team format will consist of men’s doubles and singles, women’s doubles and singles, along with mixed doubles.  

Getting the top players from across the world competing individually at the World Pickleball Championships will help get them ready to compete for their country at the World Pickleball Games.

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