Yanti Greene, PI for Dan Ribacoff, IIGPI, Found Guilty of Criminal Contempt by NY Judge in Long Island Sexual Assault Case – Read the Exclusive Story at DirtyCopsandPIs.com

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DirtyCopsandPIs.com, a news website exposing the sinister world of crime, corruption, and abuse-of-power, released an exclusive story today in the case of Yanti Greene a/k/a Michael Greene a/k/a Michael Cruz a/k/a Mike Greene, a retired NYPD detective and private investigator hired by celebrity polygraph examiner Dan Ribacoff’s firm, International Investigative Group (IIGPI), to surveil a Long Island woman in 2018. Dan Ribacoff, Lance Ribacoff, and polygraph examiner Lisa Ribacoff, are principals of IIGPI and supervised Greene a/k/a Cruz during the investigation.

Judge finds Greene a/k/a Cruz guilty of criminal and civil contempt for violating Court Orders in underlying action in which he was accused of sexual assault

In a 17-page decision issued on April 4, 2022, following a hearing for contempt, Nassau County Supreme Court Justice Sharon M. J. Gianelli found Yanti Greene a/k/a Michael Greene a/k/a Michael Cruz guilty of criminal and civil contempt in NY Supreme Court case 605623/2019.

After considering all testimonial and documentary evidence, the Court found Greene a/k/a Cruz’s testimony “materially lacking in credibility.” Justice Gianelli’s decision is available to read on the Court’s website.

Excerpts and background from the Court’s April 4th, 2022 decision:

“The underlying action under Index no: 605623/2019 is one for damages arising from Plaintiff [redacted] allegations, including that Defendant YANTI a/k/a MICHAEL GREENE ("Defendant Greene") sexually assaulted her and filmed the occurrence without her consent.”

“…Defendant Greene allegedly lured Plaintiff [redacted] into his vehicle, following Defendant Greene's confirmation that he possessed a gun under his jacket…”

"Plaintiff [redacted] alleges that following her consumption of the beverage, she woke to find herself lying down in the back seat of Defendant Greene's vehicle, with Defendant Greene on top of her.”

“Plaintiff [redacted] alleges that Defendant Greene recorded a video of the sexual occurrence with Plaintiff [redacted], without her knowledge or consent. Plaintiff [redacted] alleges she was raped by Defendant Greene…”

Court issued Orders to Greene a/k/a Cruz for the forensic imaging of his cellphone, which he failed to comply with

“On February 25, 2020, the Court presided over a conference of this matter, at which time the Court granted Plaintiffs application to forensically image Defendant Greene's cellphone, which contained the images and videos…”

“On April 28, 2020, the Court presided over a video conference, wherein the Court, following arguments, issued an Order (entered on May 7, 2020) directing the forensic imaging of Defendant Greene's cellphone…”

“The Court's Order further warned that a finding of contempt could result in the event of a failure to comply. Defendant failed to comply as directed, stating that he was unable to comply as his cellphone was stolen from his unlocked apartment as he was walking his dog at 2:00 a.m., the night before the phone submission deadline.”

Plaintiffs discovered that Greene a/k/a Cruz submitted edited videos he recorded of the incident

“Plaintiffs also allege that they later came to realize during the course of discovery that Defendant Greene had also altered the videos in violation of the Orders of the Court.”

Hearing held to determine if Greene a/k/a Cruz violated Court’s Orders

"A Contempt hearing was held to resolve Plaintiffs' applications for civil and criminal contempt against Defendant Greene. The hearing was held on June 30, 2021 and was completed on February 15, 2022. Defendant Greene was one of two witnesses to testify at the hearing. The other was Joseph Caruso, Chief Technology Officer and President of Global Digital Forensics, Inc.”

Court determines Greene a/k/a Cruz intentionally failed to surrender his iPhone, failed to turn over all video from incident involving Plaintiff, submitted altered video from the incident, and is Guilty of Criminal and Civil Contempt

“Defendant Greene acknowledged under examination that he had formally changed his name to Michael Moretti Ford Cruz in June 2020.”

“…prior to the eliciting of the name change fact on cross-examination, Defendant Greene had not made the Court aware that his name had in fact been changed.”

“…after analyzing the videos [Mr. Caruso] determined that there were two original movies, and that several of the videos were derivatives of others, which means that a video was created from parts of an original movie. He testified that clips were created from the originals…”

“Mr. Caruso testified that, ‘based on the metadata and the creation dates and the age of the back-up, the back-up was altered.’"

Greene a/k/a Cruz “…denied knowledge that the complete videos still existed within his phone, the icloud or back-up, despite the email he sent to Mr. Mykoniatis indicating the contrary.”

“Having presided over the contempt hearing, and considered all of the testimonial, as well as documentary evidence, the Court credits the testimony of Joseph Caruso, and finds Defendant Greene's testimony materially lacking in credibility. The Court further finds that Plaintiffs have met their burden as to civil and criminal contempt.”

“ORDERED and ADJUDGED, that Defendant Greene is guilty of civil contempt; and…”

“ORDERED and ADJUDGED, that Defendant Greene is guilty of criminal contempt;”

DirtyCopsandPIs.com has all the details of this fascinating case and decision, including highlights of former prosecutor Julie Rendelman’s cross-examination of Yanti Greene a/k/a Michael Cruz. Read the exclusive story at DirtyCopsandPIs.com.

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