You've already been told the treatment, but is it the right one?

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Dr. Cly, a Board Certified physician for 20+ years, launches, a new internet medical platform that gives you the education to determine if you need a second opinion, in a way that has never been done before in America.

Available for Interview: Dr. Geoff Cly, Board Certified OB/Gyn physician Revolutionary new medical membership site will compete with outdated medical treatments and prescriptions, giving women access to honest, educated, and up-to-date physicians. offers free and clear Pocket Guides about common conditions, live discussions with doctors, and
honest information about the next steps in your health journey. gives you access to a doctors’ knowledge in the privacy of your home, empowering you to make informed medical decisions on your journey to being healthy again.”

Many doctors prescribe outdated treatment without informing patients of other options that may be more appropriate for them. New medical membership site offers truthful information about more effective but less invasive treatment options you may not have considered.

For all the developments of modern medicine, it is distressingly common for patients to receive treatments that research has shown are likely ineffective or potentially even dangerous. According to an editorial in American Family Physician, patients assume the treatment they’re receiving is backed by evidence from medical research but, in fact, some studies show their assumptions can be false.

A 2017 review of over 13,000 clinicians discovered doctors simply haven’t kept up with the science. It was found that sometimes doctors would continue to deliver outdated treatments because it’s profitable—or even because they’re popular and patients demand them. Some outdated or even ineffective procedures have remained the standard of care for some physicians for years,
or even decades. is changing the way patients manage their health care. is a revolutionary new membership website that encourages patients to question the medications they’re prescribed or the surgery they’ll undergo. was created by a Board Certified OB/GYN with 20 years of experience, Dr. Geoffrey Cly. After losing both of his parents due to medical malpractice, Dr. Cly wants to help you avoid the same tragedy from happening to you or your family members.

“It’s my mission to improve the way doctors treat their patients, and to empower women with the knowledge I’ve gained from seeing over 100,000 patient office visits, delivering more than 3,000 babies, and performing more than 900 advanced daVinci robotic minimally invasive surgeries,” says Dr. Cly, “I want patients to know about all of their options before they make a critical decision. I want them to know they can take this information back to their doctor and be fully informed.” will address the top problems women are facing in today’s healthcare environment such as: unnecessary surgery, and receiving outdated prescriptions or treatments.

“Healthcare has become so complex and segmented that patients’ needs get
lost in the middle. Through you will understand the best
treatments so you can be healthy again,” says Dr. Cly.

Don’t schedule a surgery until you’ve read the informative and empowering Free Pocket Guides.

“The Free HonestOBGyn Pocket Guides will get you to Feeling Healthy and Happy Again”

Dr. Geoffrey Cly is the first OB/GYN that will reveal a comprehensive range of medical options for women with OB/Gyn problems across the U.S. in this revolutionary new way. provides information and education for its users. It does not establish a doctor/patient relationship or offer medical advice for any user or their particular circumstances.
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