Should You Use For Your Next Press Release?

If you’re a business owner, or if you have a limited budget for PR, then you are always searching for ways to get excellent service without the cost.

Finding the right press release distribution company can be tough. There exists such a range of possible prices. How do you know for certain that you’re choosing the right one?

What you really want is optimum service for low prices. But is it possible to find these qualities in press release distribution company?

Let’s look at and see if it fits the bill. offers the option of either a membership or a single-release distribution. Through single-release distribution, you can access four tiers of service, ranging from $129 to $999 per release. The tier you choose depends on whether you want national or state exposure for your story, and whether you want Premium or Premium Plus service. Any of the four options will distribute to about 250 premium networks, including Google News. With Premium Plus, you will get charged $125-$135 for exceeding the 400-word limit.

You can save some money with by signing up for a membership. There are three tiers of service for memberships. The lowest, “Professional,” charges $159 for 2 press releases per month.

Although gets rave reviews for its service, these prices may be well outside your budget. But the good news is that Press Release Jet provides the same services for a fraction of this price.

With a premium press release distribution package from Press Release Jet, you will pay just $129 for guaranteed syndication in all the top-tier media networks, a total of over 375 sites. We do not impose any word count limit, so you can avoid unforeseen charges. If you are interested in ordering a large volume of press releases, go ahead and check out our bulk press release distribution program. This allows you some significant savings without getting locked into a fixed amount per month.

For great service without the exorbitant cost, look no further than Press Release Jet.

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