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Book Press ReleaseLOS ANGELES, CA - 6/20/2016 — Press Release Jet has just issued practical, step-by-step guidelines for writers struggling with effective marketing strategies for their books. These guidelines can be found on the Press Release Jet website.  It offers many helpful tips on how to create an effective book press release, including how to craft a strong headline and how to engage your target audience.

The article is part of a series written to help writers. They offer guidance for writers who want to promote their books, including examples of effective book press releases.

Writers often spend a lot of time writing and publishing their book, but then find that much of their hard work is wasted when they are not able to promote it effectively. As the opening of the article explains:” Marketing a new book effectively can be extremely challenging. The media and potential consumers are under a constant barrage of marketers vying for their attention. Books generally do not appeal to the urges of the impulse buyer as so many other items do. It’s tough to convince an audience that your book is the greatest, new ‘must-have’” But that’s exactly what you need to do.”

In addition to providing press release distribution services, Press Release Jet offers practical how-to articles on a variety of topics related to writing effective press releases, including (1) how to format a press release correctly and (2) how to get it to the top of Google

Press Release Jet distributes to a variety of premium media outlets, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW, in addition to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google News and Bing News. They provide this service for prices as low as $69, with the option of a Premium Press Release Distribution for $129. This makes Press Release Jet an attractive option for small businesses with a limited budget.

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Press Release Jet is a leading press release distribution company based beautiful in Santa Monica, California. Press Release Jet is the next generation press release distribution platform that offers both the industry's lowest rate starting at $69 and the industry's highest return-on-investment. For more information, please visit


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