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Review and Exposed: Cheap Press Release Distribution Services

Review and Exposed: Cheap Press Release Distribution Services

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Cheap Press Release DistributionSANTA MONICA, CA - 7/4/2016 — Press release distribution clients are always looking for services with the best price on the Internet, but more often than not, clients don’t have the time to compare the most cost effective prices. Press Release Jet had conducted results from a comparison study of the top inexpensive press release distribution services on the web.

During the study, the researchers seeked out the cheapest packages from the pool of press release companies and put them together for a side-by-side comparison.

PR.com offers their cheapest press release package at $30. Unfortunately, after running a Google search on some of their headlines, the average press release gets syndicated to only 5 low quality sites. On top of that, there are screenshots to prove that these are not real media outlets. So all together, you are paying $6 for each low quality site.

PRWeb features their Basic Plan as their cheapest press release package for $129. With no guarantee on how many media sites pick up their search result, another search was done. This resulted with an average of 20 media sites for their average press release (screenshots are included). In the end, you are paying $4.90 per media site

Newswire.com offers an Unlimited Package for $59 as their cheapest press release option. After conducting another Google search, 30 media sites get syndicated by the average press release (screenshots are included). You are paying $1.96 for every media site.

24-7 Press Release’s Visibility Boost as their cheapest press release package for $69. This package offers over 50 media sites, which means you are paying roughly $1 per media site.

PR Buzz features their cheapest, Unlimited package at $299 per year, however, this company has been exposed as a scam. Press Released go on their website and occasionally appear on other low quality websites of their own. Ultimately, press released get syndicated to no media sites.

Press Release Jet offers their cheapest, Standard Release Distribution at $69. After another search test, this package gets syndicated to over 250 quality media sites which includes Google, Google News, Bing, Bing News, and Yahoo. Clients would only be paying $0.14 per media site!

At the end of this study, Press Release Jet is the #1 cost effective press release distribution company with an investment return rate that undeniably outperforms other competitors. You will not find another competitor in the industry that will beat these prices. With only $69, the Standard Press Release Distribution sends press releases to over 250 media sites, along with the big sites such as Google, Google News, Bing, Bing News, and Yahoo! Please visit http://www.pressreleasejet.com for more information or to place an order.

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