PRBuzz's Unlimited Press Release Distribution Services: BUSTED

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PR Buzz Unlimited Press Release DistributionLOS ANGELES, CA - 7/6/2016 — PRBuzz offers an unlimited number of press releases for a single company at $299 per year. If customers are doing this for clients or have multiple businesses, there is another option that PRBuzz offers for $499 per year. With skepticism in the air, a study looking into the claims made by PRBuzz was made.

With $299 a year, your press release gets posted onto a webpage on PRBuzz and you get cheap syndication on what is characterized as a “spammy sites”, according to Google.

One of the Press Release Jet Team members said, “I have used PRBuzz at my old company, and all I can say was that this was a complete waste! Our press releases were sent on a weekly basis for a year, and there was no traffic whatsoever in Google Analytics. On top of that, the only website our press releases were on was their own website!”

One of the editors from Press Release Jet ran a quick search on Google for press releases found on PRBuzz’s site:



Unfortunately, those who used press release distribution services from PRBuzz will not have their press releases seen by journalists, nor any major, real media outlets. With PRBuzz, your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) would not benefit at all. In actuality, some of the websites on PRBuzz’s network are considered as “content farms,” which will inevitably hurt your SEO.

When you compare PRBuzz’s unlimited press release distribution services to Press Release Jet’s services, the average customer of Press Release Jet receives an extra 400 media outlets that actually shows the press releases. The media sites offered by Press Release Jet are owned by major media companies such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW and Bloomberg Business. Not only will you receive maximum visibility and exposure, but these backlinks are recognized by Google and this will benefit your rankings on Google search!

Simply put it this way, with Press Release Jet’s $129 package, 1 press release will bring more media outlets, visibility, traffic, and SEO backlink juice than writing a press release every single day with PRBuzz. On top of that, you save over $200!

Here’s what came up when we ran one of Press Release Jet’s press releases through Google:

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