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Top 10 Kickstarter Marketing Tips to Kickstart Your Campaign Revealed

Top 10 Kickstarter Marketing Tips to Kickstart Your Campaign Revealed

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Top 10 Kickstarter Marketing TipsLOS ANGELES, CA - 07/14/2016 — Everyone needs to start somewhere when they come up with a brilliant idea, but that somewhere requires money. Unfortunately, it is hard to find sponsors who are willing to invest in your product without going the extra mile, which is why the Kickstarter campaign is here to help!

Kickstarter is a platform for raising money for projects. Kickstarter is available for those who have ideas or inventions that need the extra funding. If you want to learn more about Kickstarter, it can be accessed HERE. When you are ready to take the next step with Kickstarter, here are the top ten Kickstarter marketing tips to Kickstart your campaign:

  1. A strategic way to promote your Kickstarter campaign is to first develop and send out a press release to get the word out. Press releases can give your project that little extra push it needs to grab the attention of potential funders for your Kickstarter campaign.
  2. Crafting the right headline for your press release that accurately depicts your project campaign. Be sure to include the Kickstarter Campaign acknowledgement as well as including a call to action by using Launches, Creates, Invests, etc.
  3. Give a clear and concise first paragraph on what your Kickstarter project will be. Be sure to identify what the announcement pertaining to the Kickstarter project is (ie. product launch, hitting the fundraising goal, etc.).
  4. Bring the reader back to the main purpose of your Kickstarter campaign. Remember to tie any details in body paragraphs back to the leading paragraph. You don’t want your audience to question the purpose of your announcement halfway through the press release.
  5. Include quotes from an authoritative member of the project. Authoritative members are, but are not limited to, the Founder, Creative Director, Inventor, CEO, etc. This gives credibility and can be more persuasive.
  6. Include photos that clearly and accurately depict your idea, product, or invention. Investors want a clear idea of what the vision of your Kickstarter campaign will be.
  7. Have a clean Kickstarter link in your press release by using the Kickstarter URL shortener. This way your press release will come off looking more presentable and professional.
  8. Create promotional videos for your project campaign and upload it onto YouTube. Include your YouTube video link at the end of the press release for consumers to have the option to view. The more promotional content, the more compelling your project will be.
  9. Direct the audience to visit your Kickstarter page, website or both by closing your press release body with a call to action. This saves potential investors the trouble of finding your website(s).
  10. Using the right press release distribution services. Press Release Jet offers the most benefits for the lowest price in the industry at $69 for their standard package. This package offers guaranteed syndication to over 250 media outlets. With only $40 extra, you can have access to their Premium package with guaranteed syndication to over 375 media outlets, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and major search engines such as Google, Google News, Bing, Bing News, and Yahoo.

A more thorough, step-by-step instruction for constructing your press release is provided by Press Release Jet HERE at http://pressreleasejet.com/kickstarter-press-release/.

Kickstarter has helped various clients meet their fundraising milestones, some of which have surpassed their goal of $50,000. To check out some of Kickstarter’s users and their progress, you can access them through Press Release Jet’s article HERE.

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