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How to Target for High Average Monthly Search Volume Keywords: Press Release Jet Reveals

How to Target for High Average Monthly Search Volume Keywords: Press Release Jet Reveals

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High Average Monthly Search Volume KeywordsLOS ANGELES, CA - 9/7/2016 — If you have a new company start up, website launch, or even a new product to sell, sending a press release can help you get the media coverage you need. If you conduct a proper press release, it can generate an ample amount of traffic for highly searched keywords that are relevant to you press release.

An important step is going a preliminary keyword research using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool. This will allow you to see the “Average Monthly Search” volume, which shows the monthly average number of searches for a specific keyword or phrase.

Understanding how to function the Google Keyword Planner Tool may be difficult and somewhat confusing, but Press Release Jet offers a free How-To on using the Keyword Planner Tool. Press Release Jet provides a step-by-step instruction, which includes photos to maximize your understanding. This guide can be accessible through their website, or through this link: https://pressreleasejet.com/article/how-to-do-keyword-research-using-the-google-keyword-planner-tool/.

Press Release Jet is currently the leading press release distribution company within the industry. They have incredibly low prices, starting at $69, and if you upgrade to their premium package for $129, you too can have access to their high quality media outlets and get your press release syndicated by the many journalists from these media outlets. To get started, please visit http://pressreleasejet.com.

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