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Press Release Jet Offers New PR Guidelines for Small Businesses

Press Release Jet Offers New PR Guidelines for Small Businesses

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Small Business Press Release

LOS ANGELES, CA - 10/12/2016 — Press Release Jet has just issued a collection of articles to help small businesses use press releases to drive traffic to their websites. These articles can be found here: http://pressreleasejet.com/small-business-press-release/

Small business owners are constantly searching for ways to promote their services or products online through social proof and SEO,c but these strategies can prove elusive. Even when entrepreneurs do drive traffic to their website, this traffic doesn’t necessarily translate into sales.

These articles offer guidelines to help small businesses utilize the time-tested press release as a method of attracting website traffic that leads to conversions. They also direct readers to helpful tools, such as an “As Seen On” logo for their website and a free Ebook on how to use press releases to get to the top of Google.

Although the press release has been around for a long time, new tactics are needed for them to be effective in the digital age. Besides correct format, there are specific things that small business owners can do to construct a small business press release that increases traffic and conversions. Incorporating SEO can make all the difference for these companies, as Press Release Jet states on its website: “As skeptics speculate, business owners and marketers who understand how to leverage press releases to gain SEO advantages are forging new niches and dominating marketspace in existing industries, and they are making a killing doing so in sales and revenue.”

While small business owners might feel intimidated at the idea of learning about good SEO and correct press release format, the resources offered in these articles will guide them in writing press releases that achieve their goals.

In addition to providing press release distribution services, Press Release Jet also offers a variety of how-to articles on SEO and proper format of press releases for specific fields, including the health industry, real estate, and law.

Press Release Jet distributes press releases to all the top-tier media outlets (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, Google News and Bing News) for only $129, making it a highly affordable option for small businesses.

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