Press Release Jet vs eReleases vs Newswire: Guaranteed Press Release Distribution Comparisons Revealed

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Press Release Jet vs eReleases vs Newswire

LOS ANGELES, CA - 12/2/2016 — Customers of press release distribution services want the 100% guarantee of what they are paying for. Of the many Press Release Distribution companies, three offers a guarantee on their media site syndication.

eReleases offers a plan of $499, and offers a guarantee on syndication to 150+ media sites out of the 250 media sites they claim to syndicate. If clients want to try out EReleases, the company does offer their least expensive plan at $299. This plan offers guaranteed syndication to 75 media sites. Even then, if customers are not getting the maximum services out of what they’re paying for, it isn’t worth it. offer guaranteed syndication to 350+ media sites out of the 400 media sites they advertise to syndicate. This sounds like customers will be getting much more out of their money, but to utilize this package of, there is a fee of $999. This expensive rate causes many businesses to think twice about utilizing this press release distribution service.

Press Release Jet offers guaranteed syndication to 375+ media sites for just $129. It seems like you can never have the best of both worlds; one on hand you want to make your money’s worth, on the other, you don’t want to spend an ample amount of money. Press Release Jet is the ideal choice for what customers of the press release distribution industry are looking for.

In conclusion, Press Release Jet currently offers the industry's highest ROI (return on investment) with Premium Distribution at $129, which includes guaranteed syndication to hundreds of top tier media outlets including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW and much more. You can save over $400 compared to eReleases and save a staggering over $900 compared to for similar distribution. In fact, around 85% of the media outlets across all three companies are the same. Just request a sample report from each company and see for yourself!

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