Marketwired Pricing Guide Sheds Light on Potential Costs of Press Release Distribution

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Marketwired Pricing

LOS ANGELES, CA - 8/2/2017 — Although information about Marketwired pricing for press release distribution is not accessible on their website, there have been recent reviews that reveal its costs and services. This information can serve as a guide to business owners who want to compare press release distribution services to determine which will give them the best return on their investment.

According to a recent Marketwired review, this company charges a base price of about $460 per 400-word press release. They also charge an additional $150 for every 100 words beyond the word count limit.

One of the biggest benefits to press release distribution is its positive impact on a company’s SEO rank. To take full advantage of that benefit, most publicists will want to incorporate links and images. Like many other companies, MarketWired charges extra for these essential services. Customers will pay $50 for each additional photo and $75 for each audio/video link. There is also a $75 fee for SEO enhancements.

MarketWired does not charge a membership fee. However, it’s necessary to register to access their service. While this does not involve a financial cost, there is a cost in terms of the time that it takes to complete the many questionnaires that are part of the registration process.

Return on investment is critical to consider when calculating the cost of Marketwired press release distribution. Although it does not make any guarantees, this service averages syndication in about 200 media sites, costing users an average of $2.30 per site.

Another option is Press Release Jet.

In contrast to MarketWired, this company only charges $129 for premium press release distribution. There are no additional costs for links, photos, or exceeding a word count. Press Release Jet guarantees distribution in over 375 media sites, including top-tier media networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CW. The cost of distribution averages just $0.19 per site.

These guidelines should help businesses make more informed decisions when considering Marketwired for their next press release.

For more information, or to submit a press release, please visit the Press Release Jet website at

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