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Press Release Jet Publishes SEO Strategy Ebook for 2017

Press Release Jet Publishes SEO Strategy Ebook for 2017

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Generating buzz about your brand or product can be a difficult task in the flooded information marketplace. But with our Google SEO Guide of 2017 e-book helping you generate quality SEO copy, and with Press Release Jet’s top notch information distribution services, we’ll help make sure your promotions get the viewers you need.

Promoting your brand or product through the distribution of catchy marketing materials and helpful information is one of the most important ways for your company to increase its visibility and in turn, its sales. Obviously you have to distribute this information effectively. If clients don’t ever seen your promotional materials, then they won’t do any good. But effective distribution is only half of the battle, in addition to getting your information on the right platforms you also have to make sure it incorporates a strategy that will ensure clients find it.

This is where a well thought out search engine optimized or SEO strategy comes into play. An SEO strategy uses words or phrases that are relevant, especially with regard to the subject that your client might already be searching for. By making sure you are implementing a good SEO strategy, you’ll increase the likelihood that your materials will be found and read.

Effective press release distribution is key increasing your visibility, and that’s why Press Release Jet goes to great lengths to get your content on as many sites as possible. But once your press release is on those sites, it needs to catch viewers’ eyes. To help you create and implement your SEO strategy the CEO of Press Release Jet, Yan Huang, has authored the SEO Strategy E-book for 2017.

This SEO strategy book will give you valuable tips and insights into both designing your SEO strategy and then implementing it in your press releases. You can purchase this e-book on Amazon, or for a limited time, if you join our mailing list we’ll give you a copy for free.

Once you’ve designed your SEO strategy you’ll be ready to partner with Press Release Jet for effective content distribution. For only $69 Press Release Jet will distribute your SEO content to over 250 different media sites. If you’re looking for even more coverage, then for $75 Press Release Jet will send your content to over 375 different media sites to ensure the successful implementation of your SEO strategy.

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