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A press release is a written or recorded information piece that a company or agency shares as a newsworthy item with the media. In other words, when a company or an expert has something worth talking about, then they create an article in which they mention the important aspects of that topic. The media may pick this story up and share it through various channels of communication for the benefit of readers.

Finding a press release writing service that can deliver the exposure business really want can be a difficult task. On top of that, it's important these days that companies find a service that understands the role of a release in search engine optimization and generating links to their website. Press releases can be an excellent source of high-quality links that send direct traffic to the website and help boost the search engine rankings, as long as they are written and distributed correctly.

One of the biggest problems with using an amateur to write releases is that they are likely to make mistakes in the style and formatting of the release. There are two separate issues here: formatting and style. Incorrect formatting will mean distribution channels refuse to publish the release. The wrong style will mean journalists don't pick up the release to include in their publications.

Press Release Jet is the internet's leading press release company specializing in press release writing and distribution. No matter what the news needs are, Press Release Jet will happily provide press release with high quality that will draw targeted traffic to the website with ease.

Here are a few things that make Press Release Jet the right choice for all companies in the world:

• Press Release Jet is well reputed.

• Press Release Jet is a professional and not a beginner.

• Press Release Jet always agrees to do everything from writing till submission.

• It is many years of experience in the industry.

However, there is little point in paying too little if the exposure gain is not high enough or paying too much for the venture to be worthwhile. Press Release Jet is the industry leading press release distribution that provides the optimum range of news sites for the most reasonable price.

About Press Release Jet

Press Release Jet is the industry leading press release distribution service with over 15 years of experience in marketing and public relations. Press Release Jet is the preferred service provider for publicists and marketing 8 advertising agencies and individuals. The brand of the writing service is called PR Copywriter.
It has the capacity of handling hundreds of press release distribution orders simultaneously. Its average turnaround is 1 business day.

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