Design Agency Press Release Template

Design Agency Press Release Template

Digital Marketing Agencies need both to be highly visible and also highly conscious of clients' timeline needs. Design Agencies are best served by a standardized process that showcases their relevant announcements or developments.

Press Release Distribution has worked with many Design Agencies in publicizing their articles and announcements for media. The guidelines presented below as templates and example press releases come out of the information gained from tracking the thousands of industry articles sent over the years.

PR Distribution has sent thousands of Advertising-related press releases--many authored by our own writers. Our customers come from numerous countries and a widely diverse list of industries.

Design Agency Announces Service(s) or Change(s)

City, State - Today's Date or Scheduled Date -- Agency will begin Services in Location, a move that will provide customers with Benefit 1 and Benefit 2.

Basic background and description of new Service(s) or Change(s). Branding here, with basic details of what customers can expect to experience.

Add a more detailed description of the Service(s) or Change(s) and how it relates to the Company Overall. Including a story about what this means for the industry or consumers as a whole.

More details, optionally including a quote from Project Personnel or from a Consumer or Industry Insider about the new Service(s) or Change(s).

About Company

Boilerplate - Company Info.

Design Agency Press Release Examples

The June 2016 Nationwide Top 10 Web Design Firms Ranked by TDF Are In 

NEW YORK, NY - 06/01/2016 -- Each month the Top Design Firms (TDF) team ranks the elite design firms nationwide.

Top Design Firms Names Bowen Media as #2 Top Web Design Agency in the U.S.

NEW YORK, NY - 10/04/2016 -- Each month the Top Design Firms (TDF) team reviews the most prominent design firms across the country.

Leading Creative Agency Signal Theory Sells Intellectual Property, Expands Offering, and ReBrands as v2 DESIGN

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - 02/12/2019 -- Branding and advertising agency Signal Theory announced today that it has rebranded as v2 DESIGN.

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