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Press Release Ideas

Press release distribution can be a key component of your Internet marketing strategy. But to create an effective press release, you first need a newsworthy topic.

So how do you know what is newsworthy and what isn’t?

A newsworthy story has these qualities.

What kinds of things are happening your business or industry that might be considered newsworthy? It feels like you are just going about business as usual. But in fact, some of the events and trends happening on a regular basis in your business can be very newsworthy!

If you’re still stuck, here are some ideas to help.

Corporate Announcements

Any kind of change in the structure of your business is worth announcing. You want to make sure that your clients get information about the following.

  1. A new business startup or spin-off of an existing one

  2. Anniversary of the start of your company

  3. New hires

  4. A new brand name

  5. Stock market launch

  6. New website or current website updates

  7. Milestones

  8. Mergers and acquisitions

  9. A new name for your company or business unit

  10. Company contributions to social and environmental well-being of the public

  11. Support from business angels or VCs

  12. Reorganization of company or business structure

  13. New location

  14. Company rebranding

  15. A new partner or transfer of ownership

  16. Update on earnings and finances


Running a great promotion is a fantastic way to bring in new clients. Make sure that these stories are well-publicized.

  1. Free trials or samples

  2. Discounts

  3. Time-sensitive promotions (i.e., holiday-related sales)

  4. Reduction in shipping rates or free shipping

  5. Freebies on social media

  6. New features

  7. Promotional contests

Building Trust / Credibility

Reputation is one of your most powerful tools for establishing a name in your industry. These stories can help.

  1. The acquisition of your 10,000th customer (or a similar milestone)

  2. New trends in your industry

  3. Reaching a new business stage

  4. Economic forecasts

  5. Warnings or alerts related to your industry

  6. Commentary or findings about a new trend or event

  7. Customer-related stories, interviews, or case studies

  8. The release of new findings/data about your market

  9. Winning an award

  10. Disproving an industry-related “myth”

  11. Live group talks or seminars

  12. Interview with an industry expert

  13. An unusual or creative event

  14. Advice and resources for customers


Make sure the public knows about any of these meaningful events that are upcoming in the life of your business.

  1. Sponsorship of a local team or event

  2. New interns, or the start of an internship program

  3. Offers of free services

  4. Attendance at a trade show

  5. Upcoming webinars

  6. Recap of a successful event

  7. Contribution to a charity

  8. Successful Web events

  9. Relevant and inspiring stories

Damage Control

Take control of the way the public perceives you by sending out a press release on any of these stories.

  1. Response to being sued or called as a witness in a court case

  2. Reaction to accusations made against your industry or business

  3. Initiation of a lawsuit

  4. A crime, threat, or natural disaster and its effects

Hopefully now you can hone in on just the right story to grab your audience’s attention!

But now you have to actually write it.

Press release writing can seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t have much experience. If you want your story to get the attention of reporters, you will need to take the time to craft your press release flawlessly. Improper format or sloppy grammar and punctuation can make you look like an amateur. If you don’t grab the audience’s attention in the headline and keep it throughout the first paragraph, your press release has a good chance of being moved to the trash without anyone reading it at all.

But hey...no pressure.

The good news is that there are resources available to help you. We have compiled dozens of useful articles at our Resource Center about every aspect of press release writing, including helpful industry-specific guidelines. But of course, reading them will take time, too.

If you are starting to feel completely overwhelmed, we understand. And we’re here to help you.

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