PR Distribution

PR Distribution Web $99.00

Our entry level PR package for solopreneurs and projects on a budget.

PR Distribution Web Plus $199.00

Everything from Web + Get onto TV & radio station media outlets such as affiliates of ABC CBS, FOX, NBC and more.

PR Distribution Web Pro $399.00

Everything from Newswire + Get onto NYSE and NASDAQ media outlets such CenturyLink, MediaCom, Windstream, Synacor and more.

PR Distribution Multi-Wire Pro $799.00

Everything from Multi-Wire + Get onto high authority media outlets such as Yahoo Finance (US, UK, AU, NZ, and more) , Yahoo News, Yahoo Money, Globe Newswire and more.

PR Distribution Multi-Wire Max $1999.00

Everything from Multi-Wire Pro + Get onto maximum authority media outlets such as AP News, Marketwatch, Benzinga, Bloomberg and more.

Expedite Order $125.00

Send PR to top of queue for priority review.

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PR Writing

PR Writing $149.00

Professional press release writing with 1 revision

PR Writing Concierge $249.00

Professional press release writing with unlimited revisions & SEO audit

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White Label

Cobranded $25.00

Your logo will appear next to ours on your distribution report.

Unbranded $30.00

Unbranded distribution report without any branding.

Private Label $45.00

Private Label offers the ultimate white labeling experience with your logo on the distribution report.

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Editorial Placement

The price includes editorial writing and editorial placement. Our team will write an editorial covering your press release, and it will be placed on the targeted media outlet(s) of your choice.

Crypto, Blockchain & NFTs

EconoTimes $799.00

Domain Authority: 69 | Domain Rank: 74 | Alexa Rank: 79,426

Business Telegraph $349.00

Domain Authority: 41 | Domain Rank: 64 | Alexa Rank: 195,799

FinTech Ranking $349.00

Domain Authority: 39 | Domain Rank: 51 | Alexa Rank: 944,893

Tech Telegraph $299.00

Domain Authority: 30 | Domain Rank: 47 | Alexa Rank: N/A

Washington Independent $949.00

Domain Authority: 61 | Domain Rank: 72 | Alexa Rank: 58,495

Hedge Think $349.00

Domain Authority: 42 | Domain Rank: 36 | Alexa Rank: N/A

FinTech Zoom $499.00

Domain Authority: 64 | Domain Rank: 72 | Alexa Rank: N/A

Coindoo $549.00

Domain Authority: 45 | Domain Rank: 56 | Alexa Rank: 151.539

Bitcoin Insider $349.00

Domain Authority: 42 | Domain Rank: 57 | Alexa Rank: 86.305

Tech Times $949.00

Domain Authority: 82 | Domain Rank: 84 | Alexa Rank: 16.742

GeekWeek $349.00

Domain Authority: 48 | Domain Rank: 53 | Alexa Rank: 1.776.749

Bitcoin Garden $349.00

Domain Authority: 41 | Domain Rank: 58 | Alexa Rank: 150.465

TradersDNA $349.00

Domain Authority: 35 | Domain Rank: 31 | Alexa Rank: 614.107

Daily Bitcoin News $349.00

Domain Authority: 23 | Domain Rank: 20 | Alexa Rank: 734.909

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