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PR Distribution™ Crypto Wallet Addresses

PR Distribution™ is now taking crypto—we are accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, USD Coin and Tether tokens for press release distribution. Pay Using Crypto If you’d like to make a payment for PR Distribution™ using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, USD Coin or Tether, simply: Go to​ Select a plan, click ‘Order Now’ and add any Addon services […]

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PR Distribution Now Accepting Cryptocurrency Polkadot (DOT) for Press Release Distribution

PR Distribution™ has been the first of many things in the press release distribution industry, including the first in the world to implement AMP pages for maximum SEO results for our customers and the first to accept cryptocurrency. Initially, PR Distribution™ only accepted Bitcoin (BTC) and then the utility token/coin, Ethereum (ETH). Since then we’ve added Cardano (ADA), another utility coin; […]

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How to Combat Inflation & Grow with PR Distribution™

Inflation is here. This is the fastest core inflation we have seen in nearly 30 years, according to Forbes. According to CNBC, it is continuing to rise. But how can we combat it? Venezuela has hyperinflation, and this is what they are trying to do to beat it: Venezuela has fully embraced cryptocurrency and adopted Bitcoin […]

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Best Press Release Distribution Services in 2021

A press release distribution is a structure that allows for small businesses to effectively send and circulate their press release to a large and interested audience, in the easiest and most affordable means possible. The press release distribution service connects businesses with targeted audiences, through the use of various social media platforms, news outlets, broadcasters, […]

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How Microsoft Violated Jakob’s Law (UX) & Use Jakob’s Law Leveraging Press Release Distribution

So what exactly is Jakob’s law? The UX law simply states that users spend most of their time on other websites or apps, and they expect your website or app to work the same way as what they’re already used to. In 2007, Microsoft announced their launch of Office 2007, which includes Microsoft Word. Since […]

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7 Essential Rules for Successful Press Release Distribution

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The Internet has changed our way of doing business in lots of ways, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our desire to know more about things that are happening around us. These days, most people prefer to do an adequate amount of research on the products or services they are looking for. According to […]

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What We Can Learn from Richard Branson and Global Press Release Distribution

Sir Richard Branson and his space flight with Virgin Galactic is talked about everywhere in the media and social media. He is a master at getting attention. Here are just some of his feats, albeit not all tactful, at generating buzz for his companies: Virgin Atlantic (1984)Branson kicked off the launch of Virgin Atlantic’s new routes […]

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7 Benefits of Using Press Release Distribution For Small Business

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Press release distribution is one of the trusted ways to promote websites, new changes in the company to get instant exposure for any business or website. This is an affordable way to reach out to the right audience and get your message in front of them. The biggest challenge about press release distribution is to […]

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10 Press Release Distribution Mistakes That Could Hurt

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So, you have something exciting to share with the world. You’ve done your work and come with a great news release to attract more audiences and generate new sales leads. But the final result isn’t just great.  Press release distribution could be an important strategy of a company’s plan to acquire some visibility on the […]

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How to Use USA Press Release Distribution to Win More Exposure and Visibility?

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Do you own a small business or startup and worry that not many people know about your business or services? The solution is – press coverage. But unfortunately, when you are starting or have a small company, not many journalists or media outlets would like to write about your business either. To get press coverage, […]

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Crypto Market Uncertainty: Start Now With Press Release Distribution

According to CNBC, Wells Fargo has shut down all personal lines of credit, which removes liquidity from people. What does this mean for business when one of the big fours (JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup being the other three big banks) are doing this? Could this be Wells Fargo’s way of mitigating risk […]

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Brace for Inflation with PR Distribution™ – BTC, ETH, ADA, DOT, USDT, USDC

Inflation is here. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, within the previous 12 months… Energy (fuel oil, electricity, natural gas) is up by 28.5% Used cars are up by 29.7% Car insurance is up by 16.9% Transportation services is up by 11.2% Furniture and bedding is up by 8.6%  Clothing and apparel is up […]