Best PR Distribution Service

What Is the Best PR Distribution Service Available

To really answer that question, we must first define the word best and what does it mean to you.

Does best mean the press release distribution service with the biggest outreach?

Is it the press release distribution service that offer the most benefits and perks?

What about the cheapest press release service that still offer some good benefits?


Is it a combination of these factors combined with your own personal needs and wants?

Well, best means the latter.

Sure, if you spend infinite amounts of money you could align yourself with a press release distribution company that has a massive outreach. But, why waste money when you could easily reach the same amount of people in a cheaper and more efficient way.

Perks and benefits are fine, but they are useless if they are combined with low quality media outlets. The whole idea of a press release is to garner attention, and this just isn’t possible with bad media sites.

The cheapest press release service sound like a good idea until you realize you get what you pay for. Free wouldn’t be cheap enough when you get basically nothing in return. A simple self-typed blog post would receive better results than most cheap press release services.

Lucky, there are some options that could fit the true definition of best. 

Here are some of the options that could fit that mold: They were founded in 1999, and they boast having over 40,000 active clients with a 98% client retention rate. They revenue is above 10 million and they offer many press release pages, all with different perks and benefits. While the service seems fair, they clearly dropped the ball when it comes to the pricing. They were founded in 2005. They most popular press release package is the ultimate package which carries a price total of $150. This package includes all the previous packages details with a few added additions. These additions include full distribution and proof of report. While the pricing seems good, the outreach clearly fails to keep up to today’s standards. They were founded in 1980 and have over 1,000 active clients with an 80% client retention rate. They offer many packages for press releases and these include many benefits. While the outreach is significant, the price point is overpriced for what they offer. 

These options seem to be lacking in significant areas. There are two more options that seem like a better fit. A new player in the market but surely not rookie, comes out blazing. They offer a huge outreach, that can even rival veterans in the press release distribution space. With a press release package starting as low as 49$, they are gaining ground fast in this market. More information is needed but they seem to check many of the boxes. They premium plan starts at a decent price of $129. They boast the ability to reach Google news, search engines, social media outlets, and countless news sites. A look of their media sites includes plenty of high-quality sites like ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. They seem to offer a great outreach for an affordable price.

But, wait:

There’s even a better option.

It’s the best option on the market.

PR Distribution™: We simply blend all the ingredients that make up a great press release distribution service and keep a great price.

Our outreach is even on par with the juggernauts within the press release distribution field. We only use high quality media sites that has been proven to demand attention.

We offer the best benefits and perks with our press release packages.

It even gets better:

The pricing is unrivaled by any high-end legitimate press release distribution service.

Simply put: PR Distribution™ offers the greatest ROI of any press release service.

Go with the best in the press release distribution market!

Sign up today for a free trial account with PR Distribution™!!

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