Best PR Service for Cheap Prices

Best PR Service for Cheap Prices

I know one thing me and you have in common.

We love a great deal.

You know what a deal is right:

Getting the same or even a better product for a cheaper cost.

So, here’s the deal!

Are you looking for a cheap press release service that provides top notch quality?

You may think this doesn’t exist.

Even if it does:

Where do you even start to look?

Well, there’s a numerous amount of press release distribution services available out there and deciding which ones to evaluate could be a task in itself.

Lucky for you! I’ve compiled a list of the top press release distribution services.

These are the options that are worth a consideration. has a press release package at only $30! That’s amazingly cheap, but when you dig deeper into the quality of the service, there’s major concerns here. A quick search around the web shows that their average press release only gets broadcasted to 5 low quality sites. There’s even questions as to if these are even real media outlets.

Bottom line:

Good price for poor to nonexistent service is No Bueno! Or in English, No Good

PRWeb has a Basic Plan as their cheapest press release package at $99. That’s cheap for a press release, but what about the service. PRWeb’s Basic Plan details are strictly hidden, and it’s no guarantee how many media sites pick up their search result. After digging around, it seems like 20 is the average number of media sites for their average press release.

Bottom line:

Price is not good enough for the low number of media sites reached. You would be paying about $4.90 per media site. Too much!!

Now don’t panic! There’s more:

24-7 Press Release features the Visibility Boost as their cheapest press release package at $49. They even tell you upfront that the service reaches over 50 media sites. That’s roughly $1 per site! It sounds great until you dig deeper into the customer’s experiences. A quick search revealed it’s $49 package is hard to use, lacked originality, and didn’t deliver on the results so you would need to pay more.

Bottom line:

Good price and good outreach to media sites, but hard to use and does not deliver the results you would want. What good is a press release that doesn’t deliver results?

PR Buzz boast their cheapest, Unlimited package at $299 per year. You should be inclined to know that they have been exposed as a complete fraud. They accept your money and your press release gets broadcasted to NO media sites.

Bottom line:

Be aware of scams! You work hard for your money, don’t put it in the pocket of a scam artist.

What if I told you there is a better option?

I have something that checks all of the boxes.

You want an option that have top notch quality.


You want an option with the best affordable price.


You want an option with a respectable reputation.


PR Distribution™  has a huge media contact list which includes over hundreds of news outlets. We even broadcast to top-notch networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX.

Your news will also go out to the most popular search engines and social media platforms.

Also added in your package is industry-specific distribution. This means we will target blogs and journals that is specifically inside your industry, and get your message in front from them.

These are features and amenities that the most expensive press release distribution companies offer, but only at a fraction of the cost. Although PR Distribution™  is a fairly new player in the game, our reputation is soaring up the charts. With the quality service we provide, consumers and reviewers can’t help but add to our climbing reputation.

Bottom line:

A soaring reputation, with an affordable price that includes all the perks that only the most expensive press release distribution companies offer. Even the Scarecrow, would declare PR Distribution™no-brainer.

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