Best Press Release Distribution Tips Revealed in Checklist

press release checklist

Do you own a small business and want to reach out to the general public through news and media outlets but struggle to get a response from the journalists for your email pitch? PR Distribution can be easy if you have the media contact list of all the related journalists or writers but getting them to notice your press release isn’t. 

Every day journalists get hundreds of press releases and most of these get to the trash folder without even getting opened due to crappy or sales-like subjects like. Having an interesting subject list is critical, especially, if the writer doesn’t know you well. Writing a press release isn’t similar to writing for a blog. It requires journalistic writing skills, SEO knowledge, and know-how of press release writing. 

A press release needs to be written in a well-structured format for journalists to consider it, as well, the content needs to be informative, engaging for the prospective customer as well. If the press release is filled with business jargon, technical words, dull or boring, it may not intrigue potential customers to know more about the company and everything may get wasted. 

Hiring a reputable press release writing service can certainly help. PR Distribution Inc. is one of the best press release distribution services helping small businesses and enterprises for almost two decades now. They offer press release writing services at reasonable rates for businesses of all sizes. They also offer proofreading and editing services for the customers to ensure a newsworthy press release before the distribution process. 

However, if you want to write your press release, we have curated a list of 22 points for businesses like you. The press release checklist ensures that you integrate all essential ingredients of a good press release that journalists love to read or share. 

Some of the points of the checklist are as follows:

  • Does your news release have an interesting headline? 
  • Does the release have a subheading, location information, date? 
  • Does your first paragraph contain necessary information around the news? 
  • Does the rest of the release is engaging and informative for the reader? 
  • Have you written your release in the third person? 
  • Have you checked the press release for spelling and grammar mistakes? 
  • Have you properly used all the URLs and anchor text? 
  • Does your release contain images or videos? 
  • Is your press enough long enough? 
  • And there is much more.

You can download the press release inspection checklist with detailed explanations and useful tips from the website for free.  

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