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Infographics as Marketing (with Samples from 1950s!) 🌄🚀

Infographics is used as shareable social media and web marketing tools. But did you know infographics have been around for virtually as long as print have existed? Infographics are an excellent tool for communicating technical or nuanced information with the aid of illustrations or photos. The more useful they are to the audience, the more […]

Education, Public Relations, Reputation Management

“With Public Opinion on Its Side, Nothing Can Fail” 🦅

The great President Abraham Lincoln once said “with public opinion on its side, nothing can fail”. There is a lot of truth to this statement, and it is a huge contributing factor of why self publishing platforms such as YouTube and Amazon Kindle Publishing took over traditional establishments such as cable news and TV, and […]

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What Strategies Can I Use To Prevent Bad Press From Occurring?

We will break this question into its constituents: Why bad press is occurring? Upset customers You have haters Once you have bad press, where is it and what can you do about it? Search engine results Social media websites First, let’s examine why is the bad press occurring? Bad Press When You Have Upset Customers […]