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Are you looking for the best press release distribution service for an affordable price?

You may think this is impossible.

The variety of press release distribution services available out there is staggering. Which should you choose?

There are plenty of free sites that will host your press release, but leave you to distribute it to other channels yourself. And who has time to do that?

There are also pricier services that promise you all the bells and whistles, but will take far more of your money than you can afford.

Do you really have to choose to sacrifice either price or quality?

No, you definitely don’t.

You can find a press release distribution service that is a happy medium, offering good service affordably.

And that’s why PRWeb pricing has sparked your interest.

You’re the kind of person who is always looking for a great deal! Not to mention, the PR line in your budget limits you to a very specific amount.

But you also don’t want to pay for poor service. No matter how much money you think you’re saving, cheap service will cause you to lose money in the end.

Even the time you put into writing your press release is a loss if you are unable to distribute it to the right channels.

After all, you’re already losing time comparing all these different press release distribution companies. It’s so hard to decide which of these is the best option.

Could PRWeb be the solution?

PRWeb is owned by the media giant Cision. If Cision’s services are beyond your means, PRWeb appears to be a good choice.

For prices ranging from $99-$369, your site can be released to search engines and news outlets. These prices compare very favorably to similar press release distribution services.

PRWeb pricing plans offer different options in their tiers of service. The $99 plan is a very basic package; on the second tier, $159 will get you a few additional features, such as distribution to news outlets and the ability to share via social media.

One tier above that, on their Advanced pricing plan, you can access other services like search engine optimization and a more extensive list of media outlets.

At the very top level of service, you can add video and audio as well as other links. Your press release will also be distributed to top-tier media sites. In addition, you will get all the same services available at the Advanced Level. These services can be accessed for $369.

Often PRWeb offers coupons and promo codes, making their services even more affordable.

It appears that PRWeb gives you the ability to harness all the publicity power of Cision without the crippling cost.

In theory, anyway.

In practice, however, it’s not as great a deal as it appears.

Like many things in life, PRWeb looks good on paper, but everything is not as it seems.

The truth is, the basic $99 PRWeb pricing plan does not give you much more than what you can get from a free site. It simply hosts your press release and gives it some visibility to search engines. If you want to actually distribute your press release, you will still need to do most of the work yourself.

It is possible to purchase a higher tier of service with another level of PRWeb pricing. The Standard pricing tier, which costs $159, will get your press release out to news sites. But there’s no guarantee of the quality of these sites. And while your press release may be visible to search engines, any optimization (to make them appear higher in the search results) would have to be accomplished at your end.

To access the maximum quality of service available, you’ll have to shell out for the most expensive PRWeb pricing plan, their Premium package, for $369.

But what do you really get for that $369?

The answer is…surprisingly little.

Although they will distribute to a few good news sites, their media contacts do not even come close to the full reach of Cision’s awesome capabilities.

That’s because PRWeb is actually Cision’s cheap, low-end brand. If you want to truly access Cision’s formidable media reach, you have to go for their more expensive brand, PRNewswire, averaging about $700 for just one press release.

What if there were a better solution?

What you want is simple.

You want to harness all the power of Cision with the affordable price of PRWeb.

And we have good news.

You can achieve exactly that with PR Distribution™.

We distribute to most of the same media outlets as does Cision…including premium news sites like ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

Your news will also go out to popular search engines and social media platforms.

We will target your press release specifically to your industry to reach relevant blogs and journals.

Our media contact list extends worldwide to hundreds and hundreds of sites, and our team of professionals know exactly what it takes to get your news into the public eye. We can assist through editorial support via live chat or email. We even have expert press release writers on staff who can write your press release for you.

We provide a comprehensive report of how your press release performed. That means you can make any necessary improvements ahead of your next release, minimizing wasted money and time.

And all of these services are available at a price that won’t max out your budget.

It may seem too good to be true, but it isn’t. You can access all the same services that are available from Cision at a mere fraction of the price.

Best of all, you don’t need a promo code to secure these prices. They are available to you at any time.

It just goes to show that there are times when you can get high-end service for a low-end price.

Submit your online order today with PR Distribution™!

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