Press Release Distribution

Why You Need Press Release Distribution Services

You may have seen many websites proclaiming the death of the press release. They label the press release as an old and archaic way of circulating information.

They even back up their claim with supporting facts.

Facts like these:

  • Press release distribution services are expensive.
  • Most ideas for press releases could just be done in a blog post.
  • The SEO value of press release distribution you gain is extremely low.
  • Press release distribution services rarely produce ROI.

Guess what though?They’re wrong.

Although, some of their supporting facts could be true under a bad press release distribution company, the benefits greatly outweigh the faults.

Benefits that include: 

  • Any businesses can benefit from press release distribution services. Small businesses, all the way to larger businesses, in any industry could benefit from simply sharing their stories with the world. 
  1. You can boost the visibility of your company. If you stick to a long-term press release strategy, you will let your customers know who you are, what you do, and build consumer chemistry for your company.
  2. Great press releases can spread far and wide. The way publications work, one reporter picks up a story, and then it spreads from one publication to another. This creates a snowball effect that is greatly beneficial to any business.

And that’s just the top three reasons, but there’s many more!!

So, even in today’s world, press release distribution is still king.

But, here’s the key:

To enjoy most of the benefits of a press release distribution service, you must first pick the right source. 

Earlier I said some of the supporting facts about why you don’t need a press release service could be true.

Here’s why:

A bad press release service won’t offer you the amount of reach you need to truly gain value from using their service. Their SEO value is also limited, and you could do yourself a favor, and save a lot of money, with just publishing a simple blog post.

Finding a press release distribution company that offers a great service at a reasonable price can be a daunting task. There is ever increasing competition out there, and the prices can vary from free to thousands of dollars.

Lucky for you:

Here’s the best option for you.

PR Distribution™. We offer an extremely premium press release distribution service at a fraction of the cost. Sit back and enjoy all the benefits of using the top press release distribution service, but only pay a slither of the price.