Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution

Businesses need as much press coverage as they can get in order to thrive in an increasingly competitive space like we have today. Press releases are one of the fastest ways to get your business out there. But press releases need to be distributed strategically in order to boost your brand awareness and improve your public relations (PR), otherwise, your business won’t get to the right news and media outlets, magazines, blogs or influencers who will in turn dish out your press release to the right audience.

Why PR Distribution™ is #1 in Press Release Distribution

PR Distribution™ supports businesses that are looking to be published on the major premium national outlets (like CBS, ABC, FOX and more) but are also working on a tight budget. With PR Distribution™, you get to reach a very wide audience regardless of the budget you have set aside for publicity. We offer best practices that help your business gain maximum traction and ensure that your press releases are distributed to the right outlets. We know the best ways to get your audience’s attention and we help you achieve that. 

What’s more? We also help you write or edit your press releases so that they can get the best possible results from your publicity. That’s not all. We also provide you with accurate analytics reports of your press release so you know how your press release is doing and whether it is yielding a positive return on your investment. Because of these more, little wonder why we were named the ‘Best for Premium National Outlet Distribution’ this year by Fit Small Business.

Check out some of the benefits of using PR Distribution™ for your press release distribution:

✅ We are small-business friendly.

✅ We provide distribution to premium national outlets like FOX, CW, CBS, ABC and more.

✅ We have exceptional global, regional, national, local and industry-specific targeting in our plans.

✅ We offer very affordable press release writing services.

✅ All our press releases come with effective social media distribution.

✅ We offer you multimedia embedding in all our plans.

✅ We provide accurate and comprehensive analytics reporting.

✅ We provide you with permanent press release hosting on our platform.

✅ 24/7 customer support.

Best National PR DistributionDo you want your brand on the top national news outlets like ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, CW and more? Over the years, we have built consistent working relationships with these premium outlets and when you make use of any of our plans, you get to ride on that leverage.Best Global PR DistributionUSA Today is an internationally distributed American newspaper that we work with. Who says your brand can’t go global? You too can take your business to a global audience and before you know, your dream of having an international client base may just come true in very little time.
Financial PR DistributionMarket Watch and Street Insider are big players in financial news. How would you like your brand to be published on such outlets? If the financial world is your target industry, you don’t have to worry, we’ve got you covered. Just select any plan you feel is right for you and you will have your business in front of your target audience in no time.NYSE Media OutletsPublicly traded media outlets on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) including CenturyLink, Windstream, CableONE, etc can publish your brand too. Perhaps you have solutions that are relevant to the stock market – what other media outlets can help you spread the information better than these? Take advantage of our small-business friendly plans today and get the right people to notice your business.
Search Engine AdvantageGoogle, Bing, Yahoo, Google News, Bing News and Yahoo! News are the foremost search engines and search engine news platforms. Asides boosting your SEO campaign, journalists also search for news on these platforms. Since you’re newsworthy on these big players, other journalists will easily give you more coverage.Latest PR TechnologiesGoogle AMP pages for lightning press releases, Google Home Syndication, Amazon Alexa Syndication and Apple News Syndication. Take advantage of the latest technologies designed to optimize your PR when you make use of any of our plans. For example, with Google AMP, your press releases are hosted on Google’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) which delivers your content to your target audience with lighting speed on mobile devices.

“WOW!! You guys have come such a long way from what this used to be!! I am truly impressed with the new services you are able to provide and the one on one treatment blows your competition away! PURE AWESOMENESS!!!” – Nick

“That’s great – love that you could get it sent so fast. I will def use this with other clients moving forward! And I love that you guys are also in LV” – Roberta

“”awesome!!!!! Glad I found you guys on google. I was using a press release service that has been glitching on me for years! Your site is great!!! Thank you again 🙂” – Lisa

High Authority Press Release Distribution: Generate Massive Social Proof

Your brand gets an increase in value when you are associated with high authority brands. Your audience and pretty much everyone in general consider outlets like CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC and others as the best of the best. When you appear on super high authority outlets such as these, can you guess what your audience will perceive you as? That’s right – best of the best. 

People will automatically associate the brand worth of these giant outlets with your business. After all, these big players are talking about your business – that must mean you have something very important to offer. The public already knows these industry leaders will only identify with top quality brands, so having your business published on them has already given you leverage and you get massive social approval. 

Your customers will see this and your credibility and total brand value will increase in their minds – this will ultimately lead to increased conversions for your business. Let us help you to keep appearing on these high authority outlets consistently and you’ll soon become an authority in your industry.

Industry Leading Press Release Newswire & Multi Wire

When you get on any of our plans, your press release gets to not just one newswire but multiple newswires. We are one of the very few press release distribution companies that utilize multiple wires. Depending on the plan you select, you get access to an increased amount of newswires your press releases are syndicated to. We have over 400 guaranteed newswire syndications for you. 

Our prices start from as low as $99 and you can choose from a single, monthly or annual press release distribution with different budget-friendly categories in each of these distribution plans. No matter the plan you choose, you can be sure that you’ll have unlimited press release word counts, attached and embedded multimedia, social media distribution, up to five industries targeted per press release, a minimum of 25 traditional and digital outlets and more. 

We also syndicate to Associated Press, Business Insider, Globe News and other first rate brands. Other benefits include local, national, regional and global syndications. When you look through our pricing plans, you’ll be amazed at the wide array of outlets we offer your press release.

100% White Hat SEO That Google Likes

You don’t have to worry whether your press release may be hurting your SEO strategy with PR Distribution™. Many press release distribution companies might make use of spammy links while distributing your press release. Google doesn’t like spammy links and so they place a penalty on sites that use underhanded techniques to get links.

Interestingly, links are very important in getting a high ranking on Google searches – it’s just the quality of the links that determine whether you’ll get a pat on the back from Google or a penalty. When you use PR Distribution™ for your press release distribution, we give you high quality backlinks from high authority websites which will ultimately boost your ranking on Google search engine result pages.

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Get Started Today With PR Distribution™

It is time to get connected to your target audience through the premium news outlets, broadcasters, journalists, bloggers, influencers, social media and other platforms that we offer you at very affordable prices. Let PR Distribution™ give you a powerful and unparalleled distribution service and start seeing results in your business almost immediately. It’s time to make the news!