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Benefits of Having a Press Release Broadcast to Google News

Getting your press release highlighted onto Google News is a big deal!!!

It comes with some huge benefits that just simply can’t be ignored.

Benefits like these:

  • Giant increases in organic traffic: This is the best way to gain access to new customers and clients.
  • Exposure to natural backlinks: This is a great way to improve the rank of your website on Google and increase visibility.
  • Huge increase in brand awareness and credibility: The credibility and awareness of your brand is two key factors to the success of your business. They are what keeps customers loyal and constantly coming back to your place of business.
  • Rapid indexing of your articles: The more indexing of your articles the better ROI you will get.

These are the type of benefits that simply can’t go overlooked for businesses, especially newer businesses that doesn’t already have a huge level of credibility with its consumers.

A simple press-release that lands onto the Google News section could be the bridge that your business needs to cross over the highway of success. 

However, reaching the Google News section is no simple task.

It can’t be done by individually sending your press release directly to Google News. In fact, there are strict guidelines you must follow to even be considered in that section.

You must first own a news site that meets their criteria and guidelines. The content must be truly original and easily readable. They would like the topics to cover recent events and be transparent. This includes names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Safe to say, getting featured in the Google News section is no easy task.

Lucky for you!

There is a way to skip the hard-work and instantly enjoy the benefits of blessing the Google News section with your press release. 

PR Distribution™

We specialize on getting your press release featured in the Google News section. In this aspect we truly have some of the most elite expertise in the press release distribution business.

We know what it takes to get you onto Google News, 

how to get there,

and most importantly,

The benefits you will receive once you get highlighted on there. 

So, stop watching everybody else’s press release get featured onto Google News, and get you’re press release on there today.

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