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Need to have your next press release written in a clean, professional and target hitting style? Then PR Writing™ is just the service you need. PR Writing™ is the premiere press release writing service offered by PR Distribution™, a company dedicated to helping small businesses reach a very wide audience by ensuring their press releases are published on premium national outlets like ABC, CW, NBC, CBS and others. 

What’s more? The company was named the “Best for Premium National Outlet Distribution” this year by Fit Small Business. So you actually landed on the right page! 

Finally, your business has kicked off or you’re just about to launch that flagship product that promises to bring massive sales to your company and you need to get the word out there – it can’t just be any information – it has to be carefully crafted and written for journalists and your target audience, so your press release won’t just be another piece of information journalists reject. You’ve worked very hard; your product shouldn’t be the next best thing that was never heard of. That is why you need professional press release writing.   

Why Choose PR Writing™ for Press Release Writing?

At PR Writing™, we know exactly what journalists and your audience need. We have a diverse team of professional US journalists who are dedicated to creating spectacular pieces of content that will ensure your press release gets out there and does what it needs to do effectively – that is, give you a profitable return on investment (ROI). We know it is important to you – it is very important to us. 

We also know that your brand story is key to your business thriving in an ever increasing competitive marketplace – we write with your brand voice in mind. We don’t commonize our clients’ press releases, we understand that each business is unique and you want that uniqueness to be felt in all your content including your press releases. We ensure that the press releases we write for you maintain the uniqueness you want to project to your target audience. 

Have we mentioned that we are small business friendly? We know the market may not be so fair on small businesses, so we try our best to do our part in leveling the playing field. Your business deserves a great chance as much as the big businesses, so take a shot at a better opportunity with us. We offer very cost-friendly writing rates and you get to see your press release delivered to you fast. Here are more reasons why you should choose PR Writing™ for your press release writing service:

✅ We boost your sales potential.

✅ You get access to a wide audience in the shortest possible time.

✅ Your trust and credibility in your industry is greatly boosted, making you more and more of an authority in your industry.

✅ Traffic to your website is proliferated.

✅ Your SEO is greatly helped.

✅ You get to attract investors to your business through a very inexpensive method.

✅ You get to maximize your marketing goals.

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PR Writing™ $199Professional Press Release WritingFast 2-3 Business Day TurnaroundIncludes 1 Revision

PR Writing™ Concierge $299100% Satisfaction GuaranteedProfessional Press Release WritingFast 2-3 Business Day TurnaroundIncludes Unlimited RevisionsPress Release SEO Audit

Or Save Big (up to $99) With PR Writing™ + PR Distribution™

To activate your savings of up to $99 with a PR Writing™ + PR Distribution™ combo plan, simply select the PR Writing™ plan of your choice on the checkout page after you’ve selected your PR Distribution™ plan.

Trust Through Our Reliable Track RecordWe have highly skilled and motivated writers. Our leadership team has delivered over 6 million words in content written; and has successfully distributed over 30,000 press releases. Our client testimonials attest to the fact that these numbers were not just delivered but they were of immense value to their brands and businesses. Why not join our league of satisfied customers today?Omni-Channel MarketingMost consumers engage on more than one channel before making a purchase. A well syndicated PR engages with your prospects on search engines, social media, email, referral and other offline traffic generating channels. We ensure that your prospective customers are already enticed across other various channels, thereby making conversion on your website much easier and faster. 
Experienced Press Release Writing TeamOur team carefully screens each of our writers as part of our hiring process, ensuring that you get the services of an experienced, qualified, English-speaking writer to craft your press release. Over the years, we have garnered adequate experience to know what works and what doesn’t. With PR Writing™, you aren’t experimenting, we know the sure fire way to get your content published, read and acted upon by your intended audience.Multi-Industry & Sector ExpertiseOur seasoned editorial team has written across a broad range of topics and themes ranging from business, finance, real estate, tech and sports to apps, books, campaigns, events, promotions and just name it. We offer professional writing services that cut across various niches and industries. Also, our team is diverse and dynamic, so you can rest assured that your press release is screened through different perspectives to ensure maximum success. 
Guaranteed Media Syndication PickupWe stand by the quality of our work. If you distribute through PR Distribution, we guarantee that your press release will get accepted by premium media outlets such as NBC, CBS, NBC, ABC and more. We have built consistent working relationships with these premium outlets over time and distributing your press release via our platform gives you access to a guaranteed spot on these outlets. Anti-Plagiarism TechnologyWe understand that the uniqueness of your content goes a long way in determining your position on search engine results pages (SERPs). You can count on us for unique content that ranks in search. We hold our writers to high journalistic integrity; and we back this up by scanning your content against a plagiarism detection algorithm. 

“WOW!! You guys have come such a long way from what this used to be!! I am truly impressed with the new services you are able to provide and the one on one treatment blows your competition away! PURE AWESOMENESS!!!” – Nick

“That’s great – love that you could get it sent so fast. I will def use this with other clients moving forward! And I love that you guys are also in LV” – Roberta

“”awesome!!!!! Glad I found you guys on google. I was using a press release service that has been glitching on me for years! Your site is great!!! Thank you again 🙂” – Lisa

How to Choose a Press Release Writing Service

Your event has been well planned or your business wants to launch a new service and you want the world to know about it. It is time to decide on which press release writing service is the most suitable for you. Your best bet is to choose a press release service that fits into your business goals, brand needs and budget.

There are certain things you want to have at the back of your mind when deciding on the press release writing service you want to work with. 

The first thing you want make sure of is that the company knows how to actually write press releases. Don’t get things mixed up – a company may be fantastic at writing sales copies or blog posts but poor at writing press releases. These pieces of marketing content have their roles in your total business campaign, but a press release is unique. You should note that a press release has to first go through a journalist before it is spread far and wide, so it should be written to attract media outlets first before the final audience. 

The next thing you want to be certain of is if the press release writing service you want to hire is SEO savvy. Truth is, you have to be careful of any content that is linked to your site if you want to fully optimize your website for search engines and ultimately increase traffic and conversions. Google has made it evident that content uniqueness, link building and some other factors are responsible for ranking highly on its search results pages. 

You need to ensure the writing service will not give you plagiarized content. Their link building strategies should also be white hat and efficient. Since press releases can be linked to different articles and sites, the press release writing service you want to hire should know how to effectively place anchor texts and keywords you want to rank for in your press releases. 

There are so many other things you should want to look out for but fortunately, PR Writing™ can help save you that stress so you can focus your energy on other aspects of your business. When it comes to delivering top quality press releases without any issues whatsoever, you can be sure we have your back at all times.

PR Writing™ Press Release Structure and Format

As stated above, press releases are different from marketing copies or social media posts. Your aim is to convince the journalists you’re sending them to that what you have written is newsworthy. The more your press release complies with formats that journalists are familiar with, the higher the chances of your getting published. Here’s a typical format for a press release:

  • An attention grabbing headline: Your title must be eye-catching and spur the curiosity of journalists, yet it should clearly indicate what the release is about. Make sure it is not misleading – you don’t want to portray your brand in that kind of light before journalists. Remember you’re trying to build a relationship with them. 
  • A powerful lead: Here you should explain the major content of your press release in a single sentence. 
  • The body: The body’s first paragraph should start with why the journalists and audiences should take your press release as important. The content should be straight forward yet enticing. You can add interesting but relevant quotes that back up your topic. You also want it to be easy on the eyes – so your paragraphing, spacing and listing should be done properly. You can as well embed relevant images, infographics or other media as needed.
  • A straight-to-the-point conclusion: The last paragraph should be concise and tidy up all the facts in your press release. You can also highlight the major achievements of your company here.
  • Contact information: Your press release should contain the name and contact details of someone in your team the journalist can correspond with to get more information.

At PR Writing™, we have been professionally writing press releases over the years and have built strong working relationships with journalists across various fields so we know what exactly will get published. 

Advantages of Using PR Writing™ & PR Distribution™

When you use PR Writing™ by PR Distribution™ for your press releases, you get to work with a diverse and experienced team of professional writers seasoned in crafting press releases that get massively distributed. When we write for you, we ensure that we employ best SEO practices to aid your rankings on Google and other search engines. Your content is created to be plagiarism-free to further strengthen your positioning on search engine results pages. 

When you take a step further with us, and choose us to help you distribute your press release, you get to leverage on the relationships we have fostered over the years with premium national outlets (like CW, ABC, NBC, CBS and more) which guarantees that your press release will be published by them. 

If you’re thinking of going global with your business, we also have guaranteed press release spots on internationally distributed media outlets like USA Today. You also get to tap into the search engine advantage we offer our clients as you have guaranteed spots on major search engines’ news platforms like Google News, Bing News and Yahoo! News. 

We utilize the latest PR technologies (like Google AMP, Google Home Syndication, Amazon Alexa Syndication and Apple News Syndication) to ensure that your PR is fully optimized.

PR Distribution™ is one of the very few distribution companies that make use of multi wire distribution. You get access to over 400 guaranteed newswire syndications for your press release. And of course, don’t forget we are small business friendly!

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Press release writing is one of the key components of your PR and it is something you want to take very seriously. Your press release should be written in a way that attracts news outlets and makes them publish it. We understand it might be a daunting task trying to craft your press release to meet journalist standards while also incorporating SEO best practices in it. 

That’s why PR Writing™ is here to help you. We have professional journalists as writers who have a sound knowledge of the industry to help write your press releases to ensure they are published widely. Go ahead, select one of our writing plans and watch your business receive traffic like never before.

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PR Writing™ $199Professional Press Release WritingFast 2-3 Business Day TurnaroundIncludes 1 Revision

PR Writing™ Concierge $299100% Satisfaction GuaranteedProfessional Press Release WritingFast 2-3 Business Day TurnaroundIncludes Unlimited RevisionsPress Release SEO Audit

Or Save Big (up to $99) With PR Writing™ + PR Distribution™

To activate your savings of up to $99 with a PR Writing™ + PR Distribution™ combo plan, simply select the PR Writing™ plan of your choice on the checkout page after you’ve selected your PR Distribution™ plan.