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Is a Press Release a Good Way of Marketing?

To answer this question with complete candor, let me draw an analogy that is more relatable for perspective. Is social media a good way of marketing? Or to be more precise, is a tweet or a post a good way of marketing? If that single tweet or post is ground breaking, breaking news, such as […]

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How Do I Write a Compelling Press Release?

I have seen tens of thousands of press releases come in through the PR Distribution™ platform. Many of these press releases are news worthy and well written while some press releases need a lot of help. I worked with my team to put together a press release inspection checklist that we often refer those latter customers […]


Press Release Checklist

So your company is announcing a great new product or an exciting event and you are ready to press “Send” on that press release to let everyone know about it.  But wait…wait just a minute.  Consider that thousands of press releases go out every day.  Don’t waste this opportunity.  Think about what you can do […]