Top 5 Business Email Providers

Email is the cornerstone of most organization’s communications. It is neither productive or painless to change email service providers, especially if the benefits are marginal. It is also important to consider the software and application ecosystem, particularly if you plan to use email in tandem with other communication tools (eg. Google Hangout with G Suite or Skype with Office 365). Or if you are looking for just a professional email service without all the bells and whistles, Rackspace and Godaddy’s basic email service may be more than sufficient. We hope this review gives you guidance in choosing the best email provider that is right for your business, so you can focus on communication, collaboration and achieving your business goals.

Google G Suite

G Suite is the unrefutable service provider when it comes to being able to find your emails, which is incredibly important, especially with the higher volumes of email that professionals have to deal with daily. Formerly called Google Apps for your Domain, G Suite comes with the email service and Google Apps such as Google Doc, Sheets, etc. Additionally, it comes with communication tools such as Google Hangout and Google Meet, to supplement your email communications with your team and customers. The drawback with Gmail is the starting storage, which is 30GB, compared to competitors such as Intermedia and Rackspace, which offers Unlimited and 100GB, respectively with their starting storage. You can also use the Gmail app with your G Suite email accounts, in addition to using your personal Gmail account. If you are already in the Google ecosystem, this is hands down the top choice. Pricing starts at $6/user/month for Basic, $12/user/month for Business and $25/user/month for Enterprise.

Microsoft Office 365 Business

Microsoft’s Office 365 Business is perfect for those who are used to Outlook and prefer to stick with Outlook. Similar to G Suite where you are fully immersed in Google’s ecosystem of software and applications, Office 365 Business comes with the full set of Office app stables: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Office 365 Business costs $15/user/month or $150/user/year (effectively $12.50/user/month).

Rackspace Email

Rackspace provides an alternative path to Microsoft’s Office 365 Business solution with its Office 365 and Exchange services, which are provided separately, at the rate of $5/user/month and $10.99/user/month. If budget is an issue, Rackspace Email is provided at $2.99/user/month, which gives you a no-frills email service with Outlook, webmail and mobile access, 100% uptime guarantee and 25GB of storage for your mailboxes. The primary difference between Rackspace Email and its licensed Microsoft services is the level of support, such as Access to Microsoft Certified Experts, 24x7x365 Expert Support, Migration Assistance and more.

Godaddy Business Email

Godaddy provides three email plans: Email Essentials, Email Plus and Business Premium at the prices of $4.99/user/mo, $5.99/user/month and $14.99/user/month. The Email Essentials and Email Plus plans are similar to Rackspace Email, except with 5GB and 50GB of storage respectively. They do come with a first-month introductory pricing of $1.99/user/month, $3.99/user/month and $9.99/user/month. Their Business Premium plan includes Office 365, which includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

Intermedia Exchange Email

Intermedia offers a suite of hosted Exchange Email solutions: Exchange Email, Exchange Email+Archiving, Exchange + SecuriSync Backup, Exchange Email + Office Apps, and Exchange + Compliance and Security. Intermedia’s prices are a bit higher than the other solutions, but they provided Unlimited storage for their mailboxes, which can be a huge selling point for organizations that have to send larger attachments often (attachment size limit per email is 50MB).